Totally Lost: When can I make half a million in NYC

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标 题: Totally Lost: When can I make half a million in NYC?
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Knowing that so many people are making their half-million in NYC by the age of 28-32 and still regarding themselves as one of the ordinary, I feel really so lost and so terribly worried about my own future in here, since I’m not that far away from that age.

Note that I’m not demanding to be Bill Gates, nor Jerry Yang, nor Steven Chen, and not even my younger schoolmate who graduated two years following my graduation but owning a multi-million company just 9 months following his graduation from the same bachelor’s degree as mine. I’m not trying to make multiple millions each year and learn from Secretary Chao. I just want to be one of the ordinary, one of the many, many New Yorkers who make this half million before the age of 35. Am I just demanding too much? Or are those people already a rare race superior to most of us?

It’s not like I don’t possess a college or master’s degree, since most of those are master’s any way. It’s not that I stayed in this place for too short an amount of time, since I came here under 18 while most of those Chinese people actually came during their graduate years. It’s not that I’m a lazy bum and never worked hard to pursue what I aspire for, I work almost 24×7 everyday and care about things in my field all the time. It’s not that I’m being trapped in this green card issue, since most of those people
actually need to go through the H1 process while I don’t. It’s not that I hate people and enjoy being antisocial, it’s not that I want to disconnect myself from the world or neglected the importance of networking, but more like I could not give that sense of confidence and reliability to make them keep this linkage. It’s not that I’m in a really bad major, since most CEOs come from an engineering major any way, and contemporary hi-tech CEOs tend to be my major.

But what are the deficiencies that had prevented me from making half a million at around 30? Is it that I’m just defective, unlucky, clueless, lazy, or it’s simply that I don’t deserve a multi-million house in New York nor do I deserve a rich life in this amazing city? Is it that some things are never learnable nor teachable, and there are some indescribable attributes that make those people succeed while not people of my group?

So what should I do now, if what I really desire is to make my half a million per year and own my multi-million houses? Should I accept myself forever a grassroot cheap labor and hopelessly live this ridiculously pathetic frugal way of life until the end, or should I really make a breakthrough point somewhere? If it shall be the former, I’m really sick and disappointed. Ten years ago I told myself not to commit suicide because I still had hope and I could still match my parental and self expectations, that I could regain my self-esteem and social status, and that I could manager over a thousand people at the age of 26, invest in properties and projects around different cities, and become a really popular person like my parents did at their age, although I hoped I would never lose what I once possessed like they did. Ten years later I found myself already 28 but just started the first full-time job, not even being able to handle an entry-level job with ease, living in this old and worn yet expensive historical building, working over time while being still so far away from even 1/5 of this half-a-million goal, being away from parents and friends alone friendlessly in this cold weather and pitiless crowd. I said to myself I would get away from poverty and hardship by the age of 30 and live my own way of life with considerable ease, and potentially half retired at this age, but what I am getting now? I’m not even comparable to those who started working at the age
of 14 and doing a burger-flipping job, since they have youth and happiness in them while I don’t. I still wish to start enjoying life while I’m still young, but I’m almost not young any more, yet I’m still a clueless, homeless, penniless and probably hopeless punk eating cheese and suffering in an unheated apartment. How could I be saved? Where do I see the light? Or am I just already blind after the years in the darkness and unable to see even in full brightness? I’m totally lost…

–Those guys are not ordinary at all, in a broader scope. So set goals in
multiple steps, from smaller to bigger, and try to achieve each one of them
in order.

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