Good and Bad

The good thing about today is Mark got used to his daycare life. He still doesn’t love school and said he wanted to stay home, but he didn’t scream or cry when I told him we were going to school. And when we actually got school, he was happy to see other kids. When I was leaving, he walked me to the door, kissed me goodbye and said he loved me!

The bad thing about today is, as usually, there are crazy people and unseasonable demands that I need to deal with.  I guess it will never ends as long as we are alive.  I used to say, let’s move to XXX, but I found out people everywhere are more or less the same. There is no place better than others. There are people having better life than mine, and people having worst life than mine. Can’t complain too much, life will go on!

Tomorrow is another day!


One thought on “Good and Bad

  1. 真高兴听到小马开始适应学校生活了,这样妈妈会轻松不少,也不用再时时刻刻担心啦,他很快就会交到很多新朋友的。


    小马三岁咯,姨姨祝小马生日快乐,健康、帅气,迷倒学校一众女生,并且成为孩子王! :D

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